Astrology Predictions

Astrology is a Science by which we can do predictions.

Astrology Predictions

What is Astrlogy and its Predictions. With astrology you can predict the future. In astrology , you will get all the answers predictions to your present and future life. Also included are tons of hard to find elsewere information about traditional Indian Astrological Systems and Practices. Specifically, you may find accurate information about your rashi character, your planetary influence, herbal cure, indian god and godesses, 108 most popular prayers with description, cure by chanting ancient mantra, panchang - the indian calender, birth stones / gem stones gallery, all about planets and their features, properties and effects on human life. And get the astrologically right name for you or new born in indian rashi / baby name finder instantly. View our Site Map for a more detailed and complete list. Contact us if you have any queries.

Special highlight of this portal is the instant display of Complete Indian Horoscope with Charts and Predictions, Traditional Horoscope Match Making - Match making and analysis based on Astrological Calculations, Essence of Time - your next 90 days future prediction, Lost and Found, Dreams Interpretation, Questions and Answers, Planetary Influence etc. All this and lot lot more is accessible in this largely free information packed popular and invaluable knowledge library and online resource.

Astrology Predictions

Astrology and it's Predictions is a difficult area. The process involves mathematical calculations of the positions of the planets at the time of Birth, its related dashas and the extrapolating the placement of planets on a future date and predicting its impact on a particular individual.

The process is complicated and involves host of mathematical calculations, experience and intuition. In the Vedic system of Astrology an Astrologer has to be well versed in the area of Siddhanth and Saheta in order to get the required predictions out of the placement of Planets.

To give accurate predictions an Astrologer is supposed to study the Bhav, Bhavesh, Bhavkarka, Nakshatra, and Nakshatra Pada so that he able study a particular aspect of individual’s life.

1. Bhav: The horoscope is divided into twelve Bhavs. Each BHAV in astrology represents different aspects of life.
The First Bhav in astrology represents the Body, Personality, Bhagya, Status in the Society.
The Second Bhav in astrology represents the Liquid Assets, Inheritance, Communication skills etc.,
The Third Bhav in astrology in astrology represents the Younger Siblings, Ability to Perform, Efficiency, friend circle, etc
The Fouth Bhav in astrology represents the House, Fixed Assets, Comforts in Life, Mother, Vehicles, etc
The Fifth Bhav in astrology indicates the Bhagya, Higher Education, Status, Unearned Income, Support of Father, Support of the Kul ( The larger family), Organising Ability, Love Affairs and attraction of the opposite sex etc
The Sixth Bhav in astrology represents the Enemies, Diseases, Valor, Ability to Understand Hidden Meanings, etc
The Seventh Bhav in astrology represents the Spouse, Emotional Relations, Travels,
The Eighth Bhav in astrology represents the Creativity, New Thought, Hidden Truths, Art, Longevity, Sex,
The Ninth Bhav in astrologyrepresents the Bhagya, Unearned Income, Status of Father, Environmental Support, Religion, Status the Person Reaches, etc
The Tenth Bhav in astrology represents the Profession, Status of the Person in Society, Valor, Mental Power,
The Eleventh Bhav in astrology represents Income, Hurdles in Life, Love and Respect the person gets,
The Twelfth Bhav in astrologyrepresents the Spiritual Side of the Person, the Pleasures of Bed, Visibility in the Society,

2. Bhavesh is the Planet which is the Lord of House,

3. Bhavkarka is the Planet which is the Karka of the House.

4. Nakshatra is the Nakshatra which is activated when a Planet is placed in it or is Transiting it. There are 27 Nakshatras and each Nakshatra has its own nature.

5. Each Nakshatra is divided into 4 Padas thus there are 108 Nakshatra Padas.

The prediction depends on analysis of so many factors that are detailed above requires strong concentration and intuition. An Astrologer acquires it by long practice and Experience to give accurate predictions.
The experience is the most important input in the scheme of things.

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